Connection ExampleΒΆ

To use Monary, we need to create a connection to a running mongod. instance. To connect to a MongoDB server, we simply make a new Monary object. The default host and port are "localhost" and 27017 respectively. This will connect to the default host and port:

>>> from monary import Monary
>>> client = Monary()

However, host and port can be specified explicitly:

>>> client = Monary("", 8123)

More options are available for connection:

>>> client = Monary("", 8123,
...                 username="sampleUser",
...                 password="1234monary5678",
...                 database="sidedishes",
...                 options={"replicaSet": "test",
...                          "connectTimeoutMS": 12345678})

If you want to connect to a MongoDB instance with SSL, see SSL.

Alternatively, you can make a connection by specifying a MongoDB URI strings:

>>> client = Monary("mongodb://")

See also

The MongoDB connection string format for more information about how these URI’s are formatted.